The SF Indie Film Festival Is Back With 80 Amazing New Films

Jamie Ferrell Jamie Ferrell

The SF Indie Film Festival Is Back With 80 Amazing New Films

Enjoy the 23rd annual SF IndieFest in virtual form starting February 4th.

Take a break from your Netflix & Chill to enjoy over 80 new incredible indie films from around the world and the Bay Area.  The SF Independent Film Festival has captivated San Franciscans since 1998 with excellent alternative cinema that regularly gets picked up at other festivals. 

Keep an eye out for these 4 highlight films chosen by SF IndieFest.

[Image: Facebook / The Book of Vision]

The Book of Vision

Carlos Hintermann directs this psychological drama, told via time jumps inspired by video games. It winds together 2 separate storylines: A young doctor named Eva contemplating her fate in the present day, and a Prussian physician named Johan living in the 18th century.


This slam poetry musical directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada (Blindspotting) follows 25 young people in Los Angeles as they cross paths during a single day. Enjoy this lively spectacle showing how their hopes and dreams intersect during an LA heat wave.

[Featured Image: Photo still, 499, Rodrigo Reyes]



This gentle, carefully crafted film is directed by Vanguard Awardee Rodrigo Reyes. It tells the story of modern-day Mexicans with the use of magical realism and connections to Tenochtitlan. It combines documentary and fiction when telling the stories of migrants, activists, and grieving mothers.

Puppy Love 

Hopper Penn stars as Morgan, a young dishwasher with brain damage who embarks on a wayward journey with a homeless prostitute. Directed by Michael Maxxis and featuring Michael Madsen, Wayne Newton, Mickey Avalon and Patricia Arquette.


See these and dozens more at the SF IndieFest website.


[Featured Image: Photo still, 499, Rodrigo Reyes]