SF Restaurant Week Has Arrived! Here’s Where To Get The Cheapest Lunch And Dinner Deals

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SF Restaurant Week Has Arrived! Here’s Where To Get The Cheapest Lunch And Dinner Deals

Enjoy affordable lunch and dinner courses at dozens of participating restaurants!

Make room in your schedule and your belly, because San Francisco Restaurant Week is here! Think 10 days of special menu items, excellent prices, and great times from Friday, October 15 until Sunday, October 24.

Lunch options will include 2+ courses at either $10, $15, or $25 price points, depending on the place. Dinner options will include 3+ courses at $25, $40, and $65 price points.

Get the most bang for your buck at the following participating restaurants with lunch and dinner options at the lowest price points. Most have additional menu items at medium and high prices. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for a map. And yes, hope you like Chinese food!

$10 lunches

  • AA Bakery & Cafe (Chinese) – BBQ bun, egg tart, and sesame ball. Choice between milk tea, honey lemon, or lemon tea
  • Blue Sky Restaurant (Chinese) – Menu TBD
  • Broadway Dim Sum Cafe (Chinese) – Scrambled egg with bacon over rice, steamed broccoli, and chrysanthemum tea
  • Duk Hing Chinese Deli (Chinese)  – Choice of vegetable and roasted meat; choice of vegetable & BBQ pork.
  • Garden Bakery (Chinese) – House egg tart, winter melon cookie, choice of 3 buns (options are pineapple, BBQ pork, coconut, custard, and sweet crispy bun). Choice between coffee, milk tea, and water
  • Imperial Palace (Chinese) – Menu TBD
  • La Mejor Bakery (Mexican) – 12-piece assortment of colorful conchas (Mexican sweet bread)
  • Little Szechuan (Chinese) – Menu TBD
  • Metro Hong Kong Dessert & Milk Tea (Chinese) – Fried chicken chop with broccoli rice, giant fruit green tea
  • New Love Tea (Chinese) – Popcorn chicken and original milk tea
  • Peninsula Seafood Restaurant (Chinese) – Menu TBD
  • Tallio’s Coffee and Tea (American) – Menu TBD
  • Uji Time Dessert (Japanese) – Choice of: 1 matcha latte, 1 soft serve, 1 topping / 1 matcha latte, 1 croissant tayaki, 1 mochi / 1 tayaki ice cream and pudding
  • VIP Coffee & Cake Shop (Chinese) – BBQ bun, egg tart, and cupcake. Choice of milk tea, honey lemon, or lemon tea

$25 dinners

  • Azúcar Lounge (Mexican) – Sampling of antojitos (salsa fresca, queso blanco, guacamole, corn chips), green chili enchiladas (vegan available), and dessert sampler
  • Broadway Dim Sum Cafe (Chinese) – BBQ pork chow mein, fried short ribs with onion, fresh squeezed apple juice
  • Chezchez (New American) – Menu TBD
  • Chinatown Restaurant (Chinese) – Choice of appetizer (shrimp dumplings, spring rolls, potstickers, hot & sour soup), choice of main course (Mongolian beef, cashew nut chicken, sweet & sour pork, house special chow mein), and green tea ice cream and fortune cookies
  • Enter the Cafe (Chinese) – Menu TBD
  • Fior d’Italia (Italian) – Fior Caesar salad; linguine, tomato sauce and meatballs; mousse-style tiramisu. 25% off any bottle of wine, main course may be substituted for any entree
  • Gram Cafe & Pancakes (Japanese) – Choice of entree (Wagyu beef curry or Unagi Don), choice of dessert (strawberry souffle or hazelnut chocolate souffle)
  • Imperial Palace (Chinese) – Menu TBD
  • Little Szechuan (Chinese) – Menu TBD
  • Metro Hong Kong Dessert & Milk Tea (Chinese) – BBQ pork fried noodles, orange chicken, giant fruit green tea
  • Mission Street Oyster Bar (Seafood) – Menu TBD
  • New Love Tea (Chinese) – Shrimp rolls, fried tofu, lobster balls, and passion fruit tea
  • Peninsula Seafood Restaurant (Chinese) – Menu TBD
  • Spicy King (Chinese) – Menu TBD
  • Total Meltdown SF (American) – Choice of potato nibbles (cheesy tots, wedges and dips, garlic parm fries), choice of appetizers (tomato soup, mac bites, crispy brussels and bacon, cheese stix), choice of grilled cheese or mac and cheese (various styles)
  • Uji Time Dessert (Japanese) – 1 taiyaki ice cream, 1 soft serve, 2 matcha lattes, 2 mochi ice creams
  • VIP Coffee & Cake Shop (Chinese) – Fried chicken wings with french fries, shredded meats with fried thin vermicelli

Keep in mind, this is only a fraction of the list of participating restaurants. We’ve only included places offering items at the lowest price points, but be sure to see the full list of participating restaurants as well. A few that have caught our eye include the $25 lunch and $40 dinner options at La Mediteranee, the $15 lunch at Montesacro, and the $40 dinner at Quik Dog by Trik Dog.


Be sure to catch San Francisco Restaurant Week at participating locations all around the city, from October 15 until October 24!


Featured image: Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash

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