45 Wholesome Things San Franciscans Are Thankful For This Year

Jamie Ferrell Jamie Ferrell

45 Wholesome Things San Franciscans Are Thankful For This Year

Thanksgiving has officially come and gone, and as we wake up post-turkey, it’s a good time to cherish the little things. We asked our Facebook and Instagram followers to share reasons why they’re thankful to San Francisco, and had a heartwarming outpouring of responses! Here are the most wholesome ones:

Finish this sentence: I’m so grateful to San Francisco for…

…being my home. A magically beautiful place with wonderfully open, diverse, creative and intelligent people. One of the best decisions I ever made was to decide to make this my home 39 years ago. San Francisco has taught me a lot. I ❤️ SF. Nowhere else in the US like it!

…its ambience, culture, charm, beautiful weather, art, architecture, landscape, and diversity!

…for its diversity. The beautiful Pacific ocean, and so much more! 🌉🌁

…good times!

…Dr. Grant Colfax for keeping us safe!

…simply for its unique vibe.

…saving me from the quarantine in Europe 🙏

…the Bay Area’s wonderfully mild climate that allows me to be outside in November.

…my eleven years of the best time of my life.

…the Giants, the 49ers, the Music Scene, the breathtaking views, the diversity, the eclectic foods, being my home town ❤️

…for giving me my second home n to my family

…diversity and its beautiful location.. we live 3 hours away and we love going for weekend getaways

…for being my second home and so kind to me ♥️

…Grace Cathedral

…keeping my daughter happy and safe.

…University of San Francisco’s migration studies program. I am really enjoying learning how I can make an impact on the immigration world and for meeting some of the most amazing people. Go Dons! ❤️

…its great Opera House!

…becoming more bicycle/pedestrian friendly….w fewer cars and zero accidents. I love a car free Ocean Beach highway and Golden Gate Park!

…acceptance, wouldn’t dare to move my transgender ass anywhere else

…not being New York

…allowing me to live my dream!

…showing me what love was

…super cool architecture

…70 degree weather on Thanksgiving ❤️


…the endless new experiences and all the humans! 😍❤️

…my parents!

…pushing me to continuously change for the better!! It has its downsides, but San Francisco you have my heart ♥️

its majestic skyline 😍😍😍

…the amount of culture and food! ❤️

…the fog 🌫, Golden Gate Park, being one of the greenest cities in North America, awesome public transportation 🙂

…being the city I grew up in (born 1953 leaving in 1979)

…my first kiss with my husband

…the most beautiful views on my way to training 👊🏼

…the most coolest, cosmopolitan city with the friendliest people! 🧡

…showing me pastel houses and love…

…San Tung’s

…getting me out of Georgia!

…all the natural beauty, the hills, the parks and all the lakes.

…for its geography, bridges, your progressive history , opportunities , diversity, amazing food +drink industry and more…..

…for being home to my family for 5 generations

…for my earliest childhood memories at age 3. For great baseball and cute sea lions. For giving me a place to call home even though I’m not living there at the moment. For being the place where I will someday return. ❤️

…for my wonderful mom who sacrificed so much for me n my older sister. She survived polio, ovarian cancer while pregnant with me.

…for the ChurchOfDance at Hellman Hollow, GGP every Saturday 😜

…being the home to USCF hospitals, Doctors and remarkable Healthcare individuals. Great food. Wonderful museums. Spots from which to take awesome photographs.

…The Golden State Warriors

What are you grateful to San Francisco for?

Featured image: Photo by Joonyeop Baek on Unsplash