This SF Food Truck Is Serving Up An Epic S’mores Horchata Drink

Jamie Ferrell Jamie Ferrell

This SF Food Truck Is Serving Up An Epic S’mores Horchata Drink

Al Pastor Papi is selling this amazing drink at District Six on Thursdays in June!

Who loves dessert in drink form? Al Pastor Papi has created this absolutely gorgeous s’more + horchata creation: A S’mores’chata! Horchata, a classic Mexican drink made from rice and flavored with cinnamon, has never been more wild… but it won’t be around for long!

Al Pastor Papi is topping their delicious horchata with heaps of whipped cream, a block of chocolate or Reese’s, graham crackers and marshmallows toasted before your eyes. They sprinkle it with cinnamon before drizzling with caramel sauce. That’s right, this s’more means business.

You can only pick up the marvelous creation on Thursdays in June from Al Pastor Papi’s food truck at District Six SF. So be sure to mark your calendar and get there early, because we’ve got one Thursday left and we don’t know when the S’mores’chata will be back!

Al Pastor Papi is a legendary SF food truck and neighborhood favorite. They make exquisite tacos and burritos, and always do the rounds at San Francisco’s food truck parks. Keep up with their Instagram for the latest schedule.


Find District Six SF at 428 11th St in SoMa. They’re open from 10am-6pm every day, and there’s no shortage of amazing food trucks to enjoy. District Six is also known for the outdoor Bus Stop Barbershop! Learn more here.


Featured image: @alpastorpapi415 via Instagram

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