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Sip on the closest thing to a Sangiovese in this World War II US Navy training vessel

Look past the dilapidated, industrial landscape of Treasure Island and you’ll find this hidden gem. The USS Buttercup, as it’s called, is a US Navy training vessel from World War ll and may just be the most unusual wine tasting room out there. You’ll be able to soak up the history and the incredible Italian-inspired Californian wine.

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While you’ll never be able to replicate an Italian wine in California, using traditional techniques and Italian varietals, the Sottomarino team is able to create a delicious Sangiovese. The “punching down” technique creates a balanced flavor and color structure by pushing the cap back into the wine to keep it moist throughout the process.

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When cabin fever kicks in, you can go upstairs to a deck where you’ll find another bar with amazing views of the entire bay. There are also picnic benches allowing to sit down and mull over the tannin levels in the wines. Or you could convince your boss that wine and Bocco ball is the definition of team-building.

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