Star Wars: The Rise Of The Resistance Disneyland’s Most Epic Ride

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Star Wars Rise Of the Resistance Disneyland CA

What you need to know about the most immersive ride in Disney’s Imagineering history (so far)

The Resistance is recruiting! Will you join the most exhilarating Star Wars experience the galaxy has ever seen? Since January 17 Star Wars fans across California have been eagerly trying to score a seat at the most anticipated ride the Disney team has ever produced.
The immersive experience is an awe-inspiring theatrical and technological feat that’s estimated to have cost between $75 million and $100 million, according to the San Diego Tribune.


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Recruitees will be taken on an adventure from the moment they enter California’s Disneyland park until they escape the wrath of Kylo Ren and the First Order.

Join the Resistance


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Outside the Black Spire Outpost, in a hidden forest, you’ll be asked to join the Resistance and defend the galaxy from the hold of the First Order. Once you’ve accepted the secret mission the adventures of the “virtual queue” commence. You’ll be assigned a boarding group on the app as you continue to explore the rest of the park.

Let the force flow through you as you board the shuttle


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As you board the shuttle you’ll immediately be engulfed in the action. Luckily you’ll have the likes of BB-8 and Rey to guide you through the maze of laser lights and encounters with around 65 state-of-the-art animatronic stormtroopers.

The journey


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The whole experience is essentially four epic attractions built into one, with various rides, walks, animatronics, live performances from actors, holograms (including Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley) and simulations to be enjoyed. The intimidating army of stormtroopers in the Death Star hanger is where everything enters the realm of real-life fantasy. But, we’ll leave you to discover that for yourself.

Getting a seat

Nothing‚Äôs impossible. Even though places tend to vanish within minutes of the park opening there are a few ways you can improve your chances of being recruited by the resistance. Firstly, download the app. Secondly, you can only get a seat by physically being in the park and tickets will only be available within the park’s opening hours. Lastly, the allocation of boarding passes is a bit like a lottery system, you need to improve your odds by convincing everyone you know who qualifies as an adult (in possession of a smartphone) to join you and try different strategies.¬†There’s also a higher probability of being recruited on weekdays and it’s best to get there early and stick to parts of the park with strong wifi connection.

To know before you go

  1. Download the Disney app and start the process
  2. You may have to join a backup boarding group in case anyone drops out
  3. Being assigned a boarding group does not guarantee a spot
  4. There is currently no FastPass option available
  5. The ride time varies but is around 20 minutes on average

[Featured image: Death Star hanger, photo by yorkinabox]



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