Take A Slippery Ride Down These Awesome Neighborhood Slides

Jamie Ferrell Jamie Ferrell

Take A Slippery Ride Down These Awesome Neighborhood Slides

Bring your own cardboard and get to sliding!

For decades, thrill-seeking adults and children alike have enjoyed these legendary slides hidden near the Castro. The Seward Street Slides were designed by a 14-year old girl named Kim Clark, who grew up nearby.

In 1973, neighborhood residents managed to divert the City’s plans to put an apartment complex there, and instead these long concrete slides were installed. They’re surrounded by a charming community garden.

These super steep slides will get your heart racing, especially if you bring cardboard for an extra smooth ride. Tuck in your elbows and let yourself go!

The 2 slides run parallel to each other, although the yellow one is slightly steeper. There’s a bit of a steep trek to the top and there’s soft sand to catch you at the bottom. The park’s sign says “No adults unless accompanied by children,” but childlike adults often slide under the radar.


The slides are located in Seward Mini Park, which is tucked away at 70 Corwin St in Noe Valley. Park hours are from 6am-10pm, and slide hours are from 10am-5pm. The park and slides are closed on Mondays.

If you want to try sliding elsewhere in the City, try the Esmeralda Park Slides!


[Featured Image: @chantal.j.lamers via Instagram]

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