Brighten Up Your Monday By Looking Up At The Supermoon!

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Supermoon March 2020

Look towards the eastern horizon and witness the second Supermoon of the year.

Monday, March 9 is a great day to leave the office early and catch the Worm Moon. The moon will be performing magic tricks in the evening sky as the sun moves approximately 50,000 miles closer to the earth than its furthest point, while the moon is at its closest approach to the earth in its orbit, making it appear bigger and brighter than usual.

The best time to see the Worm Moon is in the early evening at around 7:12 PM, when the sun is setting. Around this time, the moon’s disc enters the horizon, giving you ample opportunity to use skyscrapers and bridges and other landmarks as your pawns, to creatively illustrate scale.

Classic Supermoon shots to inspire you


What’s with the name?

The Worm Moon is the second in a series of four Supermoons. The name is rooted in the Native American naming tradition as a way of tracking the changing seasons. As the ground thaws, earthworms become more visible and crows return to feed. This marks the beginning of Spring.

In case you miss it

If you miss this one, don’t despair, you can always turn to the stars. According to numerous, fairly reputable astrology sources, this giant moon is rolling into Virgo, which, basically, means work hard and get things done. On another note, there will be an even bigger, brighter Supermoon on April 8.

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