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This New Immersive Installation At The Asian Art Museum Is Blowing Our Minds

By Jamie Ferrell

This New Immersive Installation At The Asian Art Museum Is Blowing Our Minds

Step into a massive, colorful landscape inspired by nature and East Asian art.

There’s a new exhibition happening at the Asian Art Museum that you don’t want to miss! The beautiful immersive experience has been extended into the fall, and tickets are nearly sold out. Grab a spot at the teamLab: Continuity exhibition here!

TeamLab is an international collective based in Tokyo that creates incredible digital art spectacles meant to immerse the viewer in a one-of-a-kind environment. Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang Pavilion created teamLab: Continuity, a lush nature landscape complete with flying crows, hovering butterflies, colorful flowers and darting fish. The interactive ecosystem grows and expands around you, allowing you to observe changing imagery and details in real time.

The experience is meant to help you connect with your place in the natural world, through the use of technology. The imagery is inspired by East Asian art, and is beautifully abstract yet tangible and interactive. You can touch flowers to make them bloom, invite butterflies to flutter around you, turn crows into bursts of flowers, and more!

Be sure to show up about 30 minutes before your entrance time, because it will give you time to participate in teamLab: Sketch Ocean. You can color in your own sea creature, scan it, and see it swim around in a giant floor-to-ceiling digital aquarium!

TeamLab also suggests a few measures to make sure you get the best photos at the exhibition: wear all white or all black to make the digital projections more seamless, and use long exposure to see them best on camera. You can share pics on Instagram and tag @asianartmuseum, #TeamLabContinuity and #MuseumDifferently to be shared (while you’re at it, tag us at #MySecretSF or @secret_sanfrancisco)!


Remember to grab your exhibition tickets to teamLab: Continuity at the Asian Art Museum on Thursday, August 19 at 8am! General admission is $20 during the week and $25 on weekends. It’s $5 less for college students with ID, youth 13-17, and seniors 65+. Prices are reduced for everyone on Thursday nights after 5pm. Double-check that you are purchasing the teamLab: Continuity option at checkout, because general museum admission does not include the exhibition.

The Asian Art Museum is home to over 18,000 magnificent works of Asian art, ranging from ancient ceramics to contemporary video installations. The museum began over 50 years ago, and has since evolved several times to keep up with the changing artworks and mediums. You can find it at 200 Larkin St in San Francisco, and they have free admission days on the first Sunday of every month.


Featured image: Installation view of teamLab: Continuity, 2021, Asian Art Museum. © teamLab, courtesy of Pace Gallery.