The Bay Area Traffic Map Goes Green Just In Time For St. Patrick’s Day 🍀

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

bay area green traffic map st. patrick's Day

The Bay Area traffic map goes completely green on the first day of shelter in place.

Yesterday, six Bay Area counties were ordered to shelter in place as officials attempt to slow down the rapidly spreading coronavirus. With all residents restricted to leaving home for “essential needs” only, the city has become somewhat of a ghost town.

This brilliantly green traffic map is about the only evidence that St. Patrick’s Day even happened in the Bay Area this year. It’s also a sign that residents are following the guidelines and supporting the measures taken.

The few commuters that are on the road, are mostly those that form part of the essential workforce—public service workers and supermarket employees. Roads are usually only this empty about once a year, on Christmas Day. However, with the current restrictions in place, it’s likely to look this until April 7.


[Featured image from Google Maps]

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