Hilarious “Social Distancing” Activities With Pets

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

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Inspiring activities for you and your pets.

While the pandemic grips the world, many of us are stuck in self-quarantine or self-isolation. Human contact is going through an awkward phase and pets are seeing more of their humans than they ever cared to.

This unique combination of boredom, confinement and TikTok has given rise to a new breed of home entertainment. Pet owners are discovering creative ways of spending quality time with their animals to combat self-quarantine blues.


One of the most popular activities has been Tic-Tac-Toe, which has rapidly gained traction across social platforms. So, how do you actually get your pet to play? It tends to vary, but the general approach has been to place the board in front of the pet and make your first move. This is met with some kind of response such as pointing with paws, licks or sniffs, this is regarded as a move.

The “How’s self-quarantine going?” tag is already delivering some quality content, like this video by Iqra Nabi playing a round with her cat, Taz. While Taz was willing to give it a go, losing was never part of the deal. Shortly after her defeat, she decided to expand the social distancing radius. The game is not limited to land companions, however. Aquatic pets are taking part in the viral activity too.

2. Dominoes

Felines were born for dominoes.

3. Self-isolation Olympics

Sporting events may be canceled but the “Self Isolation Olympics” are on. Although pets have not demonstrated an aptitude for strategy games thus far, they certainly dominate in other areas.

4. Cat cricket


5. Building self-isolation zones

Pets are also finding new ways to escape the smothering love of their owners, taking self-quarantine measures into their own hands.

Nothing has changed, other than normal behavior is now being normalized.

6. Window socializing is taking off in the animal kingdom too

Not all pets are keen on using this time to bond with their humans. Many are turning to long-distance relationships or kindling connections with inanimate objects.

7. Playing with your pets reflection

8. Pets playing with their own reflection

While some pets are seeking new long-distance pals, this guy is looking inward.