5 Things For Lonely Hearts To Do In The Bay

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things to do alone in San Francisco

Going solo in San Francisco (the evening edition)

There are at least 4 annual events that do a brilliant job of reminding you that you’re completely alone (not counting the cat). They are New Year’s Eve–being caught in a sea of smooching faces really does rub salt in the wound, Valentine’s Day, your birthday and Christmas–when you get past a decade of seeing your family in “ugly sweaters” it dawns on you that you really need to get out more. So here are few ways to counter the blues and restore your enthusiasm for your own company. [Main image: Kevin Lee via Unsplash]

1. Contemplate art at de Young


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Okay, so it’s not a groundbreaking idea, but it’s honestly the best cure for loneliness if you think about it. Most artists spend time locked away in anguish, channeling their emotions into works that make you feel something too. Taking in their beautiful artwork is bound to inspire you in some way or it may just be a comforting reminder that you’re not the only one that feels the way you do. Look out for their Friday Night events.

 2. Share dinner with strangers at an Eat With


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Take your comfort eating up a notch and ignite your zest for life with interesting homemade meals and new faces. This is ideal for people that are new to the city, or anyone that just wants to broaden their circle, or even those that can’t face the sound of your clanging fork echoing through the room any longer. The idea is a bit like a supper club but more accessible. An Airbnb for foodies if you will.

3. Go for a roller jam at Chruch of 8 Wheels


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It’s pretty hard to be down with a giant disco ball, groovy music and roller skates. Do some of those tricks you’ve never had the guts to try and join fellow skaters as they fall like dominos or nervously try and evolve their style from a rigid roller-walk to swaying with the occasional fist pump.

4. Take in some live music at Bottom of the Hill 


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Music unites us. There is no better way of finding your people than losing yourself to an electrifying guitar riff. The spotlight is also taken off you and you take comfort in knowing you are in good company. While there are plenty of fine establishments to see music live, Bottom of the Hill is just remarkable tapped into the talent pool. This is where The Strokes, Flogging Molly, and The White Stripes started out before they made it to the big time.

5.  Watch cabaret at the Playhouse


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Possibly the best stage outside of Broadway and the perfect place to dose up on confidence. With everything from Dance Nation to the award-winning Cabernet, this is where you can admire and take inspiration from bold characters that will inspire you to not give a damn about anything but expressing yourself.

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