SF TikToker Completes Mission To Trade A Single Bobby Pin For A Home

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SF TikToker Completes Mission To Trade A Single Bobby Pin For A Home

San Francisco TikToker Demi Skipper has been in the market for a new home for a while now. In the process, she was inspired by the 2006 One Red Paperclip project, in which blogger Kyle MacDonald traded up for a home after 14 trades, starting with a red paperclip. Skipper opted for a single bobby pin as her first item, and a year and a half and 28 trades later, she has a modest home near Nashville!

This week, Skipper posted her final trade: An off-the-grid trailer with solar panels in exchange for a fixer-upper home! The video shows her running to the house in excitement, saying, “I can’t believe this. A year and a half of trading a single bobby pin until I get a house… and I’ve done it. And look at it! This just shows you, it’s possible.”

Here’s a rundown of the trades Skipper went through to get up to this point:

  1. Single bobby pin
  2. Earrings
  3. Set of 4 margarita glasses
  4. Bissell vacuum cleaner
  5. Snowboard
  6. Apple TV 4K
  7. Bose noise-canceling headphones
  8. Xbox One + 2 games + 2 controllers + Kinect sensor bar
  9. MacBook Pro 2011
  10. Canon camera set
  11. Off White Nike Blazers
  12. Off White Nike Hyperdunks
  13. Jordan 1 Reverse Shattered Backboards
  14. iPhone 11 Pro Max
  15. 2008 Dodge Caravan
  16. Boosted Board V3 Plus
  17. 15-inch MacBook Pro 2017
  18. Electric Bike Food Truck
  19. 2006 Mini Cooper
  20. $19,500 necklace
  21. Peloton B3
  22. Ford Mustang GT Deluxe
  23. 2011 Jeep Patriot
  24. Tiny Cabin
  25. Honda CRV
  26. 3 tractors
  27. Chipotle celebrity card (Chipotle every day for a year, plus catered dinner for 50)
  28. Off-the-grid trailer with solar panels
  29. A house!

For several of the items, they required some upgrading on Skipper’s part in order to trade up. This included car detailing, refurbishing parts of the tiny cabin, repainting, and more.


“There were just so many negative people saying it wasn’t possible. I was willing to do this for five years if that’s what it took to get to the house,” Skipper said, according to ABC7.

Learn more about Skipper’s story by following her at @trademeproject on Instagram and TikTok.


Featured image: @trademeproject via Instagram

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