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Forget Silicon Valley’s hot tub board meetings, this is what employees really need!

Switch up the busy geometrical skylines of The City for the breath-taking views from Tavertine’s mineral rock pools. Despite being one of the most accessible hot springs within the Eastern Sierra, the mountainous landscapes remain uninterrupted.

These stunning pools are open to the public year-round with around 5 pools to pick from, depending on how enthusiastic you are about hiking, and currently, it’s completely free. Getting to the park will take about a five-hour drive from San Francisco and with Benton Springs just around the corner, you might as well make a weekend out of it.

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The scenic Sierras change from grassy hills to stark white snowscapes, so every season is a completely different experience. The flexible opening times mean you can plan anything from sundowners at sunset with friends to fresh mid-morning meditations. Just note that the main pool accommodates up to 10 people at a time. And you’ll also have to search for the smaller pools, which are sometimes completely covered in snow.


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It’s worth mentioning that while most people are going up to the springs to strip away from the hustle and bustle, others are going to strip out of their threads. So if this isn’t your thing, maybe stick to the trails.



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Naked frolickers aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy the natural beauty, so you don’t have to worry about the puppy daycare either.

Things to consider before you go:

🚽: Yes, but it’s basically a pit in the car park.

👙: Optional.

💵: Free.

🚯: Stick to the “no trace” policy.

🐶: Bring the fluffy canines along.

⛺: If you insist, but you’ll need to set up far away from the pools and again, leave “no trace”.

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