The Tree Twins Are Serving San Francisco Exactly The Brand Of Holiday Cheer We Need To Finish Out 2020

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The Tree Twins Are Serving San Francisco Exactly The Brand Of Holiday Cheer We Need To Finish Out 2020

Find Tree #1 and Tree #2 dancing on the streets of San Francisco through Christmas Eve.

The Tree Twins are no doubt a couple of San Francisco’s holiday crown jewels. The pair, a local couple who work as an art director and financial manager by day, has been gracing the Bay Area with their cheery joyful presence for the past five holiday seasons. Their mission is simple, but necessary: to spread joy.

The pair is hard to miss, dressed in elaborate tree costumes complete with bright LED lights, candy cane striped tights, bedazzled heels and their signature red lip with white oversized sunglasses. The costume changes slightly each year, but it’s always a total explosion of holiday cheer that would make any North Pole resident proud.

The Tree Twins dance their way through the streets of San Francisco every night during the month of December, posing for photos and greeting everyone in sight. It’s everything we could ever want and more, and it’s exactly the brand of cheer San Francisco needs to finish out this particularly terrible year. 

“We really debated whether we should do this, and once we decided that we needed it as much as others do, we did a lot of research to make sure we could be safe,” Tree #1 said in an interview with TODAY. In addition to social distancing and daily monitoring of their temperatures, the Tree Twins added transparent FDA-approved masks and hand sanitizer to their 2020 operation.

You can follow the Tree Twins’ adventures on their Instagram page, where they post updates on which neighborhoods they visit. These extra festive trees will be out and about in San Francisco “until Santa picks us up in his sleigh on Christmas Eve,” as they specify on their website.

So keep your eyes peeled, San Francisco! The Tree Twins are twirling about and posing for socially-distanced selfies for their last few days of spreading holiday cheer this week.

[Featured image courtesy of @treetwins and @ifeelsosandy]

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