First-Year UCSF Med Students Slay In This Parody Video of “WAP,” “Tik Tok” And “Formation”

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First-Year UCSF Med Students Slay In This Parody Video of “WAP,” “Tik Tok” And “Formation”

These soon-to-be doctors are on another level.

UCSF School of Medicine’s freshman class just finished up a grueling year of Zoom classes during a worldwide pandemic. They’re sure to be worn out, to say the least, but they really stepped up to the plate to create this high quality parody music video for Accepted Student’s Weekend.

The 7-minute video features 3 hit songs – “Tik Tok,” by Ke$ha,  “WAP” by Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B, and “Formation” by Beyoncé – all with med-school-appropriate lyrics, of course. The video showcases student vocals, impressive choreography, and awesome drone footage with multiple camera angles. A brigade of 40-50 students danced their hearts out at iconic places around the City including the Palace of Fine Arts and Crissy Field East Beach.


First-year students Kiranjot Kaur, Neha Pondicherry, Richard W. Kim and Audrey Mvemba directed the video. They hired videographer Satva Leung, music producer Chris “YOSHIH” Shih, and music director Emmanuel Agu to help record and mix the tracks. The result is a seamless music video that’s a tough act to follow for next year’s freshman class.

These music videos are an annual tradition, not only at UCSF, but at medical schools across the country. Previous UCSF classes have parodied “I Don’t Care” and “Truth Hurts” in 2020, and “Thank U, Next” and “7 Rings” in 2019. The last few years’ classes really brought the talent, but 2021’s video has some unbeatable production value and energy.


According to the video’s description, each of the three song parodies had a different focus – in “Tik Tok,” they reflect on the realities of Zoom education; in “WAP” they show lots of love for San Francisco, and in “Formation” they welcome UCSF School of Medicine’s newly admitted freshman class.

Some of our favorite lyrics include “Tik Tok, we’ll be docs, and the good times never stop,” and “Yeah, you learning so that We Aid Patients (WAP) / Bringing quality and care ‘cause We Aid Patients.”

Seriously, we can’t believe that these future doctors managed to plan and film this entire 7-minute medley all while getting through their studies. Major kudos to UCSF School of Medicine’s current first-year class, and congrats and good luck to the newly-admitted students!


[Featured image: Screenshot from “WAP | Tik Tok | Formation (UCSF Medical School Parody of WAP, Tik Tok, and Formation) 2021” via YouTube]

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