This Japanese Dessert Shop Serves Picture-Perfect Taiyaki

Jamie Ferrell Jamie Ferrell

This Japanese Dessert Shop Serves Picture-Perfect Taiyaki

Calling all San Franciscans with a sweet tooth! If you’re looking to treat yourself to a delicious and Instagrammable snack, look no further than Uji Time Dessert. This woman/AAPI-owned business has 6 locations across the Bay Area, and their taiyaki creations are some of the most beautiful treats we’ve laid eyes on.

Uji Time Dessert specializes in classic taiyaki with a twist. Taiyaki, a popular street food in Japan, is a cake made with traditional waffle batter in the shape of a tai, or red seabream, which is a symbol of luck.

These taiyaki creations are upgraded with unique and fun soft serve flavors, including black sesame, lychee, matcha, ube, Thai ice tea, tofu, yuzu passion fruit, lavender, coffee, and more. You can order it in a taiyaki, waffle cone, or cup.

During the pandemic they’ve manufactured many of their flavors in hard ice cream form, which you can order for both pickup and delivery, or buy at participating locations.


Other delicious treats include mochi, croissant taiyaki, matcha drinks, slush drinks, milkshakes, teas, and amitsu (a Japanese dessert similar to a parfait). You may find different options at different Bay Area locations.

In San Francisco, find Uji Time Dessert at 22 Peace Plaza #440 in Japantown, and 121 4th St in the Metreon in Yerba Buena. 

Here’s where else to find Uji Time Dessert in the Bay Area. Click in the top lefthand corner to filter for locations selling hard ice cream. Don’t forget to follow them at @ujitimedessert on Instagram!

Featured image: @ujitimedessert via Instagram

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