The Minimalist Uno Set That Everyone Went Wild For Is Now An Official Pack

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The world’s favorite card game gets a sleek makeover.

Back in January, Brazilian graphic designer Warleson Oliveira shared his conceptual UNO design on Behance. Naturally, the creative world went wild for it and Mattel (the largest toy company on earth and creator of the popular card game) caught wind of it. Subsequently, UNO Minimalista went into production. This means that design geeks will get the chance to gush over the streamlined numerals while matching them.

Mattel has been experimenting with various UNO versions of late, including a Braile version and the highly popular Basquiat set, which was part of the limited UNO® artiste series. There’s even a Rick and Morty version doing the rounds at the moment. However, none have quite garnered as much fan demand as the Minimalista deck.

The set is currently only in the production stage but it’s already getting a substantial amount of attention on social platforms. Perhaps it’s the departure from the usual garish colors, opting for elegant symbols on a premium black backdrop instead. Or the fact that audiences want to feel more involved with the products they buy in today’s world. Either way, Mattel listened and answered.

“UNO Minimalista, designed by @warlesonoliveira, demanded by fans! You asked for it, you got it! #UNOMinimalista coming later this year,” the Instagram announcement read.


No further news has come out since then, but the new deck is expected to cost around $10.

Featured image: Warleson Oliveira

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