VIDEO: Eerie Footage Of An Empty San Francisco During The COVID Pandemic

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

san francisco empty covid

As people self-isolate at home or flock to parks during ‘shelter in place’, the city turns into a dystopian ghost town.

While parks and beaches were flooded over the weekend, the rest of the city was virtually abandoned. The eery drone footage captured by Space Race Studio on Sunday is both beautiful and haunting. Streets that would normally be filled with traffic, tourists, chattering locals, and joggers, had little more than the odd pigeon or cyclist passing through.

While the city looks like a scene out of Chernobyl, it also symbolizes residents from all walks of life working together to fight the spread of the pandemic.

san francisco empty covid
Screenshot of Chinatown via Space Race Studio YouTube Footage

It wasn’t just the Financial District that was quiet either, Chinatown’s usual chime was reduced to the sound of shutting windows echoing down the street. The footage allows you to appreciate the beauty of every corner that would otherwise be lost in the hustle and bustle.


san francisco empty covid
Empty streets in San Francisco, Screenshot via Space Race Studio San Francisco

Storefronts were boarded up and empty tram tracks were the only trace of public transport, yet there’s an undeniable optimism in the community spirit and support.

san francisco empty covid
Haight St, Screenshot via Space Race Studio YouTube Footage

[Feature image: screenshot vis Space Race Studio]


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