You Can Now Take Home A $600 Wagyu Meat Box From Gozu

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

You Can Now Take Home A $600 Wagyu Meat Box From Gozu

Which is actually a rare deal for 15 pounds of A5 grade Kobe.

These marbled beauties are normally parcelled out over 13 dishes as part of Gozu’s Japanese tasting menu, for around $150 per person. However, the high-end restaurant is changing things up and adapting to the crisis. Instead of serving it up in the usual dramatic setting of the restaurant, it will be chopped up by chef Marc Zimmerman, boxed and ready for pickup at it the restaurant in San Francisco. Orders through the A-Five Meats Pop-Up Butcher Shop can be made via Tock for delivery nationwide too.

The intensely buttery meat can be taken home and sliced, braised or skewered Yakitori-style in the comfort of your own home. Each box will serve up to 20 people and contains 30 individually wrapped pieces of steak in including:

  • Full Blood Japanese Wagyu Strips
  • Family Wagyu Tenderloins
  • Angus Hanger Steaks
  • Dry-Aged Bone in Angus Ribeyes
  • Cubed Wagyu Ideal for Stews, and Skewer

The pop-up also has deli items available for local pickups, like chicken breasts, eggs and bone broth, every Wednesday and Sunday. The aim is to cover health insurance for laid-off staff, according to an interview with Eater. While this wouldn’t fall into the staples category, for meat fans, this treat comes with a side of community support.


The detailed wagyu grading process is what gives the meat its notoriously high price tag. But Gozu doesn’t just import meat, it imports the entire 750-pound animal from Japan. So this is actually quite a hot deal for this extremely rare meat.

Featured image: Gozu

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