Wholesome Bakery’s Gorgeous Care Packages Will Make Your Day

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wholesome bakery care packages

A treat-filled care package from Wholesome Bakery is the nourishment every soul needs right now.

That gorgeous smell of freshly baked cookies and pastries that you’ve been missing is back, but you’ll be enjoying it at home instead. Wholesome Bakery is offering a limited selection of their finest gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, transfat free, and low-glycemic goodies to be delivered (free of charge for local orders) to your door or available for takeout.

Owner, Mandy Harper, shut the store down for a couple of days to rethink their business model in response to the ‘shelter in place’ order. The doors reopened to deliver the best news SF has had in a while: neat little ‘care packages’ would be available to order, filled with a few of your favorite delights!

Two different packs are available with a growing list of add-ons. Items include their popular almond tea cake, fudge brownies, pop tarts and a selection of loose-leaf teas. The magic doesn’t end there, however, the bakery is partnering with other health and environmentally conscious local producers to fill out the extra spaces in their boxes. Atelier Crenn, Project Juice and Method Products are among the ‘care package’ contributors they’ll be adding over the next few weeks.


You can head over to their online store to get your healthy, wholesome fix here. Or you can stop by the store between 10am and 4pm daily and stock up on treats for takeout.

[Featured image: Wholesome Bakery]