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Wilfried Grootens Exhibition

Wilfred Grooten’s mesmerizing painted glass exhibition is in SF for a limited time only

For the first time in the US, Wilfred Grooten’s work will be presented in a solo exhibition. The glass painter from Germany is creating three-dimensional sculptures that resemble vivid alien creatures captured in cubes or bubbles of water. Effectively these are like giant versions of the marbles you may have played with as a kid. There’s only a limited time to see them though, as the work is only being displayed at the Montague Gallery from January 14 until February 29, 2020. [feature image: Wilfred Grooten via Instagram]

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The optical glass illusions are created through an unusual technique of painting on glass and layering the panels into stacks that are melted and polished into spectacular cubes or oval spheres.



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Each work is made from thousands of brush strokes and 35 layers of glass or more. The colors and brush strokes are reflected from certain angles adding the illusion of volume, but from another angle, the colors vanish into the thin planes of the glass. The mind-blowing magic will have you hovering over the pieces for ages.

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Jan 14 - Feb 29, 2020
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