30 Best Responses To ‘What You Wish You Knew Before Moving To San Francisco’

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30 Best Responses To ‘What You Wish You Knew Before Moving To San Francisco’

We asked, you answered…

San Francisco is home to many a transplant who didn’t pack enough jackets. We took to Instagram and Facebook to find out: What’s one thing you wish you had known before moving to San Francisco?

Read on to hear 30 great pieces of advice before making the move – and check out the comments on the embedded posts to see even more responses!

That its beauty would always take my breath away, 26 years later

I wish I had known how much real estate prices were going to change

That “summer” doesn’t exist here

Which part of the city is considered “the sunny side”

Don’t think you’re immune to having your car window smashed.

that the outer sunset is freezing and damp basically year round lol

Sell your monster of a car and get a compact!

Swimming in the ocean ain’t like LA

How to parallel park

Listen to Too $hort

How early everything closes

Summer doesn’t start til September

Learning to cycle can be fun. Get a clipper card

How to use the muni 🙃

Beware of all of the offenses that can land you a parking ticket. For instance, not turning your wheels when parked on a hill, parking even an inch too close to the curb in front of a garage, etc.


How likely I am to be blown away by the damn winds

Buy an air purifier before wildfire season starts

How noisy the cable for the cable cars is

That I would never want to leave.

We can throw beach parties at Ocean Beach

Urban hikes are fun and the City has really nice scenic lookout spots. Just remember to bring a jacket, gets windy up there!

How awesome this city 🌆 really is… I have hiking trails, beaches, best restaurants, art and culture, and people are very friendly.

That no one calls it “San Fran”

Figuring out my hair frizz 😆

You can get a gnarly sunburn in the fog

North Beach is not a beach

Get a rent controlled apartment and having some sort of view is paramount.

What kind of salary to ask for and accept! Way different to anywhere else in USA.

That I would love it so much more than any other city.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you identify as, or what your personal and professional interests are, there is a community and niche waiting for you!


Featured image: Varun Yada via Unsplash

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