The 5 Worst Restaurants In SF According To The Internet – And Why You Should Still Give Them A Try

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The 5 Worst Restaurants In SF According To The Internet – And Why You Should Still Give Them A Try

Google reviews haven’t been kind to these restaurants, but we’re determined to find some redeeming qualities!

San Franciscans are real foodies, and if they’re not feeling a restaurant, they will let you know. That’s the case for these 5 restaurants in San Francisco that have not received stellar ratings on Google: Out of 1,737,270 reviews of 2,410 restaurants, these are the 5 worst-rated.

We used the Top-rated.online tool to determine the restaurants with the lowest rating out of 5 stars. Keep in mind that ratings were last updated in February 2021, so some of these spots have since closed.

Note: We do not wish to discredit these restaurants by any means – that’s why we’ve included some of the pros along with the cons! Give them a try and leave a review yourself if you think they got the short end of the stick.

1. 750 Restaurant & Bar – 3.10 (14 reviews)

The Hilton Hotel’s restaurant has officially been crowned the worst restaurant in San Francisco. The New American menu seems decent enough, with charcuterie boards and grilled paninis, but several patrons seem to think otherwise.

Food poisoning. That’s what I got from eating hummus in a salad that smelled faintly of body odor, and wings that smelled very subtly of dead animals.” – Kirsten S, 1 star

Yikes! Well, the restaurant has received good reviews on the cocktails and Sunday brunch, and it has a nice lounge and bar area.

2. SeaGlass Restaurant – 3.40 (49 reviews)

This restaurant inside the Exploratorium serves seafood, sushi, fun cocktails, and plenty of desserts. That said, it doesn’t exactly seem to be the museum’s strong point.

Overpriced and not that great. $9 hot dog? Common! $5 fruit cup with 5 pieces of fruit, one of which is a cucumber? No wonder the place was mostly empty when we came in.” – Maria S, 2 stars

It appears that the downfall of this museum restaurant isn’t the food per se, but rather the prices. Maybe consider that you’re paying for ocean views and a one-of-a-kind museum experience, and give the $9 hot dog the benefit of the doubt!

3. Burger Bar – 3.50 (289 reviews)

This Union Square restaurant serves good old burgers and fries, along with nachos, sliders, pretzels, and salads.


If you want a great view, go here. If you want a great burger, maybe think twice.” – Ellen N, 2 stars

The burger quality seems to have some reviewers split down the middle, and most poor reviews have to do with the service. If you’re willing to take the gamble, maybe the restaurant’s beautiful views will make up for it.

4. Imperial Garden Seafood Restaurant – 3.50 (176 reviews)

Here’s a spacious Chinese restaurant with dim sum, seafood dishes, platters, and much more.

the owner was very nice and friendly. I just have really bad diarrhea every time I eat here.” – Rocephin W, 4 stars

Listen, if this reviewer is still willing to give 4 stars despite bathroom troubles, then there MUST be some redeeming qualities. This calls for a pack of Tums and an appetite for adventure!

5. New Delhi Indian Restaurant – 3.60 (406 reviews)

This traditional Indian restaurant boasts an extensive menu including plenty of curries, rices, breads, Tandoori specialties, and more.

The vegatable tandoori platter was an abomination to anything that would be cooked in a tandoor… Please dont lie to me next time saying it’s cooked in a tandoor. As an Indian myself, I did not appreciate the dishonesty.” – Nikunj M.

According to their website, the New Delhi Indian Restaurant actually has received numerous accolades – that is, “one of the best Indian restaurants in USA” by New York Times. They also have a decent amount of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Would you give it a try?


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