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Put your anxiety on hold and take a yoga class with some feline friends.

The internet loves cats and if you’ve come this far, you probably love cats. The good news is that KitTea loves cats too. As one of the first Japanese-style cat cafes in The City, they have also decided to take it upon themselves to bring you cat yoga.

Considering the proliferation of Goat Yoga studios and the astounding impact of the 49ers’ therapy pet, there should be no doubt in your mind that the presence of animals is the key to a happy and healthy life. Unsurprisingly, the KitTea Cat Cafe’s “Cats On Mats” class is often fully booked.


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This class involves a gentle hatha yoga practice with a certified instructor, and 15 furry felines stretching alongside you. Of course, the sweet creatures will be demonstrating superior suppleness and demanding strokes and cuddles too. While petting the rescue kitties is encouraged, you’ll also get 15 solid minutes after the class to give them your full attention.

Cats could be considered purrfect role models. They live life at their own pace, casually ruling the humans of the world both online and offline, making anything and anyone their personal napping ground. On top of that, they are incredibly beneficial to your health (according to numerous scientific and empirical studies). Perhaps it’s their nature that rubs off on stress-riddled workaholics or the soothing vibrations of their purring that makes this whole operation work.


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Your 60-minute expurrrience also comes with bottomless Kyotan green teas which you can enjoy just before the class starts. The teas come with a whole string of benefits too — like improved brain function, anti-anxiety properties, and anti-inflammatory properties.


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This bright spot in Hayes Valley has been taking in rescue kittens and giving them a beautiful home in Hayes Valley for around 5 years now. They’ve had a mix of permanent cat residents — many being from euthanasia shelters — and a few on the adoption circuit, which you can book an appointment to spend time with and even adopt.


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So whether you’re looking for a yoga class with a little something extra or you wish to bask in the sunlight with sweet creatures that just get you, you know where to go.

All necessary yoga supplies (mats, blocks, towels, etc.) are provided.