“Rise Up With Asians” March And Rally Happening Tomorrow In Union Square

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“Rise Up With Asians” March And Rally Happening Tomorrow In Union Square

This youth-led movement is happening Friday, March 26 (tomorrow) at 12:30pm.

In the wake of countless heinous attacks against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in the Bay Area and beyond, several rallies have occurred to protest anti-AAPI hate crimes.

The “Rise Up With Asians” march and rally will be a peaceful, safe and socially-distanced event tomorrow at 12:30pm, starting in Union Square and ending in Embarcadero Plaza.

According to the event’s Facebook page, the rally aims to do the following:

  • Call out anti-Asian and xenophobic rhetoric and sentiments.

  • Spread awareness around the recent incidents and attacks and highlight the history of hardships and prejudice within the Asian community.

  • Advocate for the voices of the Asian community and emphasize their needs and demands.

  • Highlight accessible organizations and promote spaces where our community can reach out to for protection and any guidance for aid.

  • Stand in solidarity and support Asian and Asian-American communities.

This rally will particularly highlight the case of Angelo Quinto, a 30-year-old Filipino man who died from excessive force used by Antioch police responding to his mental health crisis.


[Image: “Rise Up With Asians” event Facebook page]

Attendees are reminded to wear a mask covering both their nose and mouth, bring hand sanitizer, and stay 6 feet away from others.  More things to bring include posters, water, and anything else you need for an afternoon out in the sun. Resources for the cause may be found here.

Stop AAPI Hate released a report documenting 3,795 incidents of anti-Asian hate in the U.S. during the past year. These hate crimes reflect the national rise in xenophobia and racist rhetoric against Asian communities during the pandemic.

If you prefer to stay home, you can still help the cause by donating or getting involved with one of these 20 local AAPI community organizations.

The City of San Francisco also recently announced several new safety measures to protect San Francisco’s AAPI communities.


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