Samuel L. Jackson Reading ‘Stay The F**k At Home’ Is What Everyone Needs To Hear Right Now

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Samuel L. Jackson Stay The Fuck Home

Stay The F**k At Home, a poem by Adam Mansbach read by Samuel L. Jackson.

There couldn’t be a more appropriate person to debut Adam Mansbach’s timely book Stay The F**k At Home than the notoriously foul-mouthed, Samuel L. Jackson. The actor couches no pleasantries and his nuanced vocal delivery clears up any doubts surrounding the “Rona” pandemic.

He was contacted by Mansbach about the project when the coronavirus outbreak first hit and he felt it was a good time to present it to the public. So, he joined Jimmy Kimmel via live stream, casually dressed head-to-toe in purple and donning a purple Kangol cap (of course), to deliver this message:

“Motherf**ker it’s no time to gamble, look around, you’re not at a casino. Just stay the f**k home as if your name is Trenton Quarantino.”

Not only is Jackson’s hilarious live reading an important reminder of how we should be going about our business right now, but it also provides excellent inspiration for how we can keep ourselves entertained while doing so. The actor updated Kimmel on his quarantine activity and said he had been watching episodes of Tiger King with his daughter and enjoying Kobe beef hot dogs with grilled onions and coleslaw.


The full video can be enjoyed below.

Featured image: screenshot via Jimmy Kimmel Live! YouTube

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