50 Best Responses To ‘How To Spot A San Franciscan In 10 Seconds Or Less’

Jamie Ferrell Jamie Ferrell

50 Best Responses To ‘How To Spot A San Franciscan In 10 Seconds Or Less’

We wanted to get to the bottom of what sets San Franciscans apart, so we asked our followers, “How do you spot a San Franciscan in 10 seconds? The responses were hilarious, and here are some of our favorites. Read more on our original Instagram and Facebook posts!

Someone pushing a wheelbarrow full of gold to pay the landlord.

Giants cap on. Able to start a convo with anyone on the streets

Always wear a mask and keeping their distance in lines.

Ask them to say “San Jose”.

They walk around looking lost in thought while dodging cars, buses and cable cars without even so much as a sideways glance.

Wears shorts and a coat at the same time..

Use the word “Frisco” in a sentence – you’ll quickly be corrected…..or assaulted.

A homeless person talking to themselves until they slide into 200 Brannan and you realize they’re on the phone with their crypto broker.

When they say “hella”, “the city”, “Yay Area”, “the Mission”, “Snob Hill”, and “the TL”

Wearing a coat out of habit on a warm summer day

Drinks Frenet.

Fleece or puffer vest over jeans/athleisure

Dog in a stroller, cat in backpack

Wears yoga pants to wine bars

Take full responsibility when the car is broken into 😂

If there respond to it’s going to rain is “we need it though”

*never been to Alcatraz*

“Let me put on some music” *plays E 40*

*never surprised when there isn’t parking*

All Birds with a massive backpack

Goes to @mitchellsicecreamsanfran at 11am because we know there won’t be a line!

black jeans, denim jacket

Goes to San Jose wearing a hoodie and pants because you forget it’s warm everywhere else

“I E-bike to work”

You don’t need to, they’ll tell you

Can parallel park HELLA fast 🙌


Calls it The City.

Can walk california street like a champ

* Knows how to find free parking everywhere in the city

Can always find a meter and don’t worry it’s after 6

Can parallel park uphill and downhill while drinking coffee and checking emails on mobile phone 😁

Tennis shoes on, work shoes being carried in separate bag.

They introduce themself with their pronoun.

Stares down a dodgers fan , how dare they walk around freely 😅

Gives directions by how long it will take to get there, not by the actual distance.

Wears Pendleton’s with derby jackets only … and knows where the kegger parties where at in stern grove ;)-

Has dog, no kids

Wearing grey and khaki, the colors of efficiency and practicality

Knows about Gordo’s burritos and where the original one is

SomethingSomething.io shirt

Patagonia vest with business wear

They had an eccentric public school teacher who low key wanted to start a revolution

AirPods in at Westfield when shopping

They can walk uphill without getting winded!

Saying hella constantly

Don’t get scared when you drive down fillmore

Drives down to the south Bay with a parka in the back seat

Calves of steel!!

They’re not looking around at every little thing whilst walking. Got places to be tourists!

Layers on layers. Dressed for every weather possibility.


Featured image: Photo by Belle Co from Pexels