7 Spring Cocktails That Will Shake Up Your Easter At Home

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

7 Spring Cocktails That Will Shake Up Your Easter At Home

Raise your spirits with these floral cocktails.

Spring has already begun, and if the past year is any indication, it will zip by us before we know it! We’re all especially excited to enjoy the floral scents and fresh air after 2020’s more locked-down Easter season. Whether you plan on organizing an Easter egg hunt at home, or cooking up an unforgettable meal, consider these lush libations to take your socially distanced home celebration to the next level.

1. Cotton Candy Champagne

Anything pink and fluffy says Easter. So naturally, a cloud of candy floss melting under a shower of champagne is the sweet escape this weekend calls for. Switch up the champagne with rosé and you officially have a serving of spring and Easter in one glass. If you don’t have cotton candy available at your humble grocery store, you can make your own with these instructions.

2. Cherry Blossom Cocktail

Gin, sparkling lemonade, Grenadine and cherry blossoms is a simple equation that equals spring. While cherry blossom season was canceled this year, this cherry brandy-based drink will make up for it. For the ultimate blossom bliss, team it with a virtual wander through Japan’s sakura festivals.

3. White Wine Slushies

The subtle aroma of St. Germaine liqueur compliments the complex flavor notes of white wine and it will also make your booze supply go a little further. This incredibly simple beverage is refreshing, balanced and has the potential to transport you to a warm day outdoors.

4. Patrón’s Platinum Margarita

This swirling silver cloud of magic is the closest you’ll come to drinking unicorn blood. Dolin Vermouth is a maceration of no less than thirty Alpine plants, flowers and spices in white wine, making it the epitome of spring captured in a bottle. Add the smoothness of Gran Patrón Platinum Tequila, sweetened with agave, a tangy squeeze of lime, all mellowed out with the rose water and your weekend will be in full bloom.

5. Sloe It Down


A frothy bed of egg white and Ink Sloe and Berry Gin crowned with a vivid bouquet of blooms is a refreshing pillow of flavor. The Aperol, lemon juice and elderflower cordial have a way of transporting you to a spring garden party.

6. June Blush Cocktail

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

For the sake of this article, we’ll rename this one June Bloom; a premature promise to a summer outdoors and a small salute to the current season we won’t really get to see. Canton Ginger Liqueur adds a kick to the otherwise subtle rose water flavor. The refreshing crushed ice and lemon will whisk you away to your favorite summer’s day. The sugared petals go beyond being just a simple garnish.

7. RumHaven’s Daisy from Haven

Image via RumHaven.com

This refreshing cocktail from RumHaven features grenadine, club soda, and lemon juice to accompany their delicious Caribbean rum made with real coconut water. Garnish with an orange peel and enjoy sipping your way through spring!


Featured image: Heather Barnes via Unsplash


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