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Here’s a roundup of uplifting moments that have arisen during the pandemic.

The world is facing a global health crisis and life is drastically changing every minute. Italy is undergoing the most extensive travel restrictions since World War II, hospitals around the world are overloaded and under-resourced and yet, amidst the tragedy, there is still a prevailing spirit of humanity and community.

While it’s necessary to keep abreast of important news and information, the constant stream of news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic can be overwhelming. The World Health Organization suggests limiting information updates to a specific time of day or only checking the news once or twice daily. However, through your scrolling safaris, there may have been some positive gems you overlooked. Here’s some of the heart-warming news that’s happened so far.

1.  People are recovering from COVID-19

This 101-year-old Italian man has been released from isolation after recovering from COVID-19. He has also survived WWII and the Spanish Flu survivor, giving us all hope for the future.

Additionally, the number of recoveries is still much higher than the number of deaths, according to the latest Johns Hopkins University map.

2. Air pollution is at an all-time low

As industrial activity slows down air pollution levels are dramatically lowering around the world. Major cities like San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles are experiencing notably cleaner air compared to this time last year.

3. New York is running out of dogs to adopt

Toilet paper and other supplies may be running low, but so are the number of pets to adopt, according to a report from Muddy Paws Rescue and Best Friends Animal Society. The number of people looking to give animals home has surged during the outbreak with the number of applicants outweighing the number of pets.

4.  Parents are organizing birthday parades for their kids

Kids born in March are being surprised with car parades of friends, families and neighbors driving by to send their birthday wishes.

5. Communities are 3D printing masks for first responders

Factories in China and those of Elon Musk, are printing masks and other equipment using 3D printing. However, smaller operations are pulling together too. The Provo Police Department has reached out to locals by creating a blueprint for users to print, which comes with a changeable filter. All the masks collected will be distributed among officers and firefighters.

6. This care home is making lockdown look way too fun

Bryn Celyn Care Home got creative and decided to play a game of life-size hungry hippo with residents that were not able to see their loved ones during the self-isolation period.

7. Mental health assistance is made free in NYC

NYC’s governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Twitter that residents could call a hotline and schedule a free virtual session with one of 6000 volunteering mental health professionals free of charge.

8. Animals are enjoying cities

Whether it’s peacocks in Spain or Coyotes in San Francisco, animals are taking the opportunity during lockdown to enjoy strolls through car-free streets.

9. Community workouts

Italy, Spain Denmark and now America, are all starting community social distancing workouts and it’s adorable.

10. Artists jump on the #TogetherAtHome movement

Chris Martin was one of the first to offer a live streaming concert for fans at home as part of the Global Citizen’s #TogetherAtHome series. Shortly after that, more stars joined the effort. John Legend, Keith Urban and Shawn Mendes have all graced our vertical screens over the last month.

11. Tom and Rita are home and seem to be okay

After testing positive while filming in Australia, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have made it through their quarantine living on Vegemite. According to this tweet, they are back in LA and seem to be doing just fine.


12. Big companies are producing essential healthcare products

Diageo (producer of Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff) has pledged more than 8 million bottles of hand sanitizer to healthcare workers by donating 2 million liters of alcohol to manufacturing partners, according to a press release. LVMH is using its perfumeries to produce hand sanitizers, in addition to ordering high volumes of masks from their factories in China, which will be donated to hospitals. Amazon, Walmart, Inditex, and H&M are also making donations and assisting with PPE (personal protection equipment) production.

13. Essential workers are being applauded globally

From the UK to New York and San Francisco, people across the globe are applauding their healthcare professionals and all essential workers. It’s a beautiful tribute uniting us during this strange time.

14. Hotels are housing the homeless and healthcare workers

Frontline workers are being treated to 5-star accommodation. Hotels across California, Chicago and New York are offering up their now-vacant hotel rooms to healthcare workers. Meanwhile, hotels like The Ayre Gran Hotel Colón in Madrid are being converted into hospitals.

15. Restaurants and coffee shops are looking after healthcare workers

Restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and even big chains like Starbucks are feeding healthcare workers throughout the crisis. Andytown coffee shop pictured above has received over $20,000 in coffee donations for frontline workers from Bay Area residents already.

16. Valuable resources have been made free

Audible has made 300 literary classics and education resources free, Google Earth and Google Arts & Culture are upping their game with free virtual tours of essential places and exhibitions. Adobe has made its Creative Suite free for students and educators.

17. Pets are doing their bit too

Zeke is taking the handwashing advice on board and it’s actually a little mindblowing.

18. A vaccine could be underway

Vaccine candidates are in testing stages at various labs around the world. The crisis has resulted in better information sharing global with the aims of finding a form of treatment as quickly as possible.

19. Organizations and celebrities are stepping up

  • Footballers are raising money by playing FIFA against each other for charity
  • Many celebrities are making sizeable donations like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are surprising fans in need with DMs and donations.
  • Netflix created a COVID-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund to keep
    BFI industry creatives going.

20. Kids are drawing rainbows across the world

Kids (and probably some adults) are posting pictures of rainbows in their windows and marking them on this Google map so you can go on a rainbow scavenger hunt through your city.

21. Mobile concerts make this neighborhood smile

Concerts are happening online, on balconies and through sunroofs. Christina Spann’s concert-on-wheels are keeping spirits up in her Mississisipi neighborhood.

22. Social distancing is saving lives

We’re all heroes in our own right. The lockdown measures are seeing the number of new cases fall and Italy’s daily death tolls are dropping.

23.This community pantry in The Bay Area

The little-free-library on our block was out of books so we turned it into a community pantry from r/sanfrancisco

24. Markets are giving away flowers for free

Small gestures can brighten up anyone’s day and a whole bucket of flowers is no small gesture. While we’re stuck indoors, flower shops are giving away their stock for free and flower shows are making sure we can bring a little piece of spring home with us like Chicago’s curbside flower pick-up.

25. Special delivery for delivery drivers

We’re not forgetting about all the other workers keeping us going during our time indoors.

26. Neighbors are looking out for each other

This time apart seems to be bringing strangers closer together.

27. Penguins are roaming freely and making new friends

The Shedd Aquarium penguins are going on daily adventures around to meet new animals and it’s too cute to handle.

28. Grandma Katie turned 95 and everyone turned up

29. This couple gave up their wedding food to NHS staff

This Yorkshire couple had to cancel their wedding but gave their entire hog roast to healthcare workers.

30. Wuhan partly opens up again

As the spread begins to slow down in China, Wuhan starts to partially re-open after two months of extreme lockdown, according to the BBC.

31. Nothing can stop Italians from enjoying life

These two gentlemen have found a solution to dinners in isolation.

There is plenty of good news going around, there’s even an entire channel dedicated to it. Share the kindness wherever you can.


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