12 Places To Enjoy A Brisk Walk In San Francisco

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12 Places To Enjoy A Brisk Walk In San Francisco

Take this as your friendly reminder to get your steps in! San Francisco is full of endless places to explore, and in a city like this it’s essential to enjoy the little things. Whether you need a new dog walking route or just need to clear your head, these places around the city will get the job done.

1. Bernal Heights

If you’re looking for a walk to get your blood pumping, consider heading up to Bernal Heights Summit for great views and steep inclines. But if you prefer a relaxing stroll, stay closer to Cortland Avenue for window shopping at some local boutiques and cafes. Keep an eye out for the Esmeralda Street Slides!

2. Marina Green

If it’s ocean views you seek, look no further than Marina Green. You can walk all along the waterfront until you reach Fort Mason and enjoy brisk winds, views of the bridge, some boat watching.

3. Salesforce Park

Salesforce Park is a lush, green island elevated 70 feet above Salesforce Plaza. This floating park is an absolute paradise amid San Francisco’s skyscrapers, and it’s free and open to all! Take a couple laps around the perimeter to admire the different gardens buzzing with hummingbirds and dragonflies.

5. Lover’s Lane, Presidio

This old footpath in the Presidio was once a shortcut used by Spanish soldiers. Now it’s a shady and relaxing path loved by locals and tourists alike. You’ll also see Andy Goldsworthy’s famous sculpture, Treeline, winding in and out of the eucalyptus.

6. Lyon Street Steps, Pacific Heights

This magnificent staircase is found in the swanky neighborhood of Pacific Heights. Admire pristine landscaping and views of multi-million dollar homes on the way up, as well as a great view of the city when you reach the top. This neighborhood is your go-to spot if you want to marvel at some of SF’s unbelievable Victorian architecture.

7. Panhandle

This pleasant strip of green space extends out from the eastern end of Golden Gate Park. It’s a great spot for walking and biking because it’s almost entirely car-free!


8. McLaren Park

McLaren Park is one of San Francisco’s larger parks, and it has lots of room to explore. You can find some great views at multiple points in the park, which makes it a great spot for sunset strolls. You’ll find it’s home to dog play areas, a community garden, the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater, and plenty of trails.

9. Great Highway

This popular road on the western edge of the city is another amazing spot for blustery ocean views. It’s about 3.5 miles long and pretty flat, and closed to cars on weekends (from Fridays starting at noon until Mondays starting at 6am). This is a very popular spot for walkers, skaters, and cyclists.

10. Golden Gate Park

Of course, we can’t ignore San Francisco’s largest park for its plethora of walking spots and things to do! At 1,017 acres, you can really switch up your route on each visit. Consider checking out the historic bison paddock, or see if you can catch one of the famous blooms of cherry blossoms (spring), tulips (spring), or dahlias (fall).

11. St. Francis Wood

This is one of San Francsico’s most affluent neighborhoods, making it a very picturesque place to stroll around. Take a look at some of the beautiful homes on this side of town which often feature lovely gardens and more.

12. Portrero Hill

This sunny, quaint neighborhood is famous for its awesome views of the Bay and the skyline, as well as a mix of Victorian homes. After your walk, consider celebrating at a brewery such as Anchor Brewing Company or Harmonic Brewing!


Featured image: @dianebentleyraymond via Instagram

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