10 Essential Places To Enjoy Decadent Hot Chocolate In San Francisco

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10 Essential Places To Enjoy Decadent Hot Chocolate In San Francisco

You don’t have to be a kid to know that hot chocolate is one of the most underrated drinks on any cafe’s menu. As we head into the fall and winter seasons, it’s a great time to compile some spots to visit next time you’re craving this delicious drink! Discover everything from indulgent dark chocolate drinks, to spiked adult beverages, to your classic on-the-go treat. Stay warm and enjoy!

1. Dandelion Chocolate

This top-notch chocolatier has several locations in San Francisco in addition to their massive online inventory. Flavors include the Hojicha hot chocolate mix with green tea flavors, the Mission mix with a spicy blend of cinnamon and chile, and the Classic mix for your straight-up chocolate fix.


  • 740 Valencia St
  • Ferry Building

2. Jane

This popular bakery group is known for creating absolutely delicious pastries and breads, but their hot drinks menu is worth the visit all on its own! Enjoy a high-quality hot chocolate drink made with Guittard and Valhrona chocolates, topped with a homemade marshmallow.


  • Jane on Fillmore: 2123 Fillmore St
  • Jane on Larkin: 925 Larkin St
  • Jane the Bakery: 1991 Geary Blvd
  • Toy Boat by Jane: 401 Clement St

3. Craftsman and Wolves

This high-quality SF bakery is a must for any San Franciscan with a sweet tooth. Their Valrhona sipping chocolate comes topped with a delicious, seasonal homemade marshmallow.


  • 746 Valencia St
  • 1598 Yosemite Ave
  • Ferry Building at Epicurean Trader

4. La Oaxaqueña

This beloved Mexican restaurants cranks out unbeatable tamales, tortas, pupusas, and more. But they also have an excellent Mexican hot chocolate selection! You can add guajillo chili powder and ginger to yours for an extra kick, or opt for some other hot drink options including Atole Blanco (thick masa-based drink with cinnamon and vanilla) or Champurrados (same thing, but with chocolate).

Location: 2128 Mission St

5. Tosca Cafe

The most adult drink on our list comes from Tosca Cafe, which makes a mean “house cappuccino.” This formidable hot cocktail is made with bourbon, cognac, chocolate, and steamed milk for those bitterly cold nights when you need something stronger to warm you up!

Location: 242 Columbus Ave

6. XOX Truffles

Here’s another SF chocolatier that doesn’t mess around when it comes to their drink menu. Hot chocolate options come with bitter, classic, milk, white, and Mexican flavors. Try their truffles while you’re at it!


Location: 754 Columbus Ave

7. Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop

When it comes to anything chocolate, you can’t get much better than SF’s own Ghirardelli! If you can manage to skip past their mouthwatering ice cream sundae menu, consider indulging in one of their hot chocolate drinks. Flavors include a classic hot cocoa with whipped cream, a sea salt caramel hot cocoa for some extra depth, and a cup of decadent drinking chocolate for the richest flavors of them all. Consider the frozen hot cocoa for a chilly, icy twist!

Location: 900 North Point St Suite F301

8. Five Star Truffles

This wholesome chocolate shop has an awesome hot drink menu, with plenty of options and variations to personalize to your taste. Hot chocolate flavors include the classic Five Star hot chocolate with add-ons including coconut, vanilla, almond, and a hot white chocolate. You can also get them all iced.

Location: 4251-A, 18th St

9. Recchiuti Confections

This gourmet chocolate shop has unlimited treats to try out. You can visit their Ferry Building location for some hot chocolate on the spot, or make it at home with kits for European hot chocolate, vanilla bean marhmallows, burnt caramel sauces, and more.

Location: Ferry Building

10. Christopher Elbow Chocolates

This gourmet chocolate manufacturer ships worldwide, but we’re lucky enough to find one of their locations here in San Francisco! Their popular drinking chocolates include flavors such as peppermint; extra dark; dark Cocoa Noir; Spiced Cocoa Noir with chiles, cinnamon and spices; Ecuador Costa; and Nicaragua La Colonia.

Location: 401 Hayes St


Featured image: @recchiuticonfections via Instagram

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