10 Absolutely Essential Sushi Restaurants To Try In San Francisco

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10 Absolutely Essential Sushi Restaurants To Try In San Francisco

These excellent sushi restaurants are not playing around!

San Francisco never disappoints when it comes to delicious, delightful, and diverse restaurants. It’s high time we did a roundup of the best sushi spots in San Francisco, because the freshly-prepared, colorful dishes never disappoint in this city! Read on for a list of 10 stellar sushi restaurants that have caught our eye, in no particular order. And be sure to scroll to the bottom for a handy map, so you can easily locate your next meal!

1. Saru Sushi Bar

This wildly popular spot in Noe Valley gets rave reviews for its excellent customer service, high-quality sushi menu, and enjoyable environment. They have both indoor and outdoor seating available. Some favorite menu items include their popular tasting spoons, the hamachi truffle, and the white out roll.

Location: 3856 24th St, San Francisco

2. Omakase

This popular omakase restaurant has 1 Michelin star and truly delivers on it. Their fish is sourced straight from Tokyo and treated with the utmost attention to detail. Some popular items include the blue fin tuna toro and the nigiri box.

Location: 665 Townsend St, San Francisco

3. Akiko’s Restaurant

This beloved spot in downtown SF is known for their exquisite omakase. You’ll enjoy a variety of thoughtful appetizers and a lovely nigiri selection that makes for a totally unique experience! This is for those sushi aficionados that want to leave their meal in the hands of the chef and learn about the food along the way.

Location: 431 Bush St, San Francisco

4. Wako

Wako has earned their Michelin star for its stellar omakase menus and welcoming, sleek environment. Popular menu items include squid with shiso and lemon, salmon with yuzu kosho, and uni in roasted seaweed.

Location: 211 Clement St, San Francisco

5. Jū-Ni

Another Michelin-starred restaurant has caught our eye here, but this one has only 12 seats available at a time for its exquisite 12-course omakase menus. Popular items include sakuri masu with cherry blossom leaf, and colorful chirashi bowls.

Location: 1335 Fulton St, San Francisco

6. Robin

This modern restaurant offers a contemporary, unconventional omakase experience in a youthful environment. Popular menu items include sesame noodles, hon hokkaido uni, bluefin tuna, and toro tartare. A Granny Smith apple topping makes for a fun nigiri experience.


Location: 620 Gough St, San Francisco

7. Eiji 

If you’re looking for an awesome sushi experience without the fuss, Eiji is a no-nonsense spot that doesn’t skimp on quality. They offer excellent housemade tofu alongside favorites like their ceviche roll and chirashi bowls.

Location: 317 Sanchez St, San Francisco

8. PABU Izakaya 

PABU provides a unique take on classic izakaya, meaning that it marries an upscale dining experience with a casual atmosphere. Modern, seasonal cocktails star alongside vibrant sushi and sashimi.

Location: 101 California St, San Francisco

9. Kusakabe

Kusakabe is another stellar omakase restaurant with totally standout dishes. They’re also the only SF restaurant offering Kyoto-style sushi, which preserves the fish differently since Kyoto is further from the coast.

Location: 584 Washington St, San Francisco

10. Daigo Sushi

This small, straight-forward sushi restaurant creates lovely, approachable dishes from an enormous menu. Popular items include hamachi, Tokyo cowboy maki, baked salmon maki, and beef tataki.

Location: 2450 Clement St, San Francisco


Featured image: Photo by Vinicius Benedit on Unsplash  

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